A selection of books I have enjoyed
ABANDONED ON THE PLAINS by Tony and Eva Worobiec (2015) - the latest book by Tony and Eva beautifully illustrating their visits to America's High Plains
SAUL LEITER - RETROSPECTIVE by Ingo Taubhorn/Brigitte Woischnik (2012) - published to accompany an exhibition in Hamburg, a superb resume of the photographer's life covering both his art and photography
LOUIS FAURER by Anne Wilkes Tucker (2002) - a portfolio of Faurer's photographic work published to accompany exhibitions in USA in 2002 and 2003
A BIGGER MESSAGE - CONVERSATIONS WITH DAVID HOCKNEY by Martin Gayford - published by Thames and Hudson - the 2016 edition has extra material and the book is inspirational to artists and photographers alike
ALL ABOUT SAUL LEITER - A RETROSPECTIVE (2017) - published in conjunction with exhibitions held in Japan, this is a superbly produced compilation of works by Saul Leiter with typical Japanese high quality presentation and many images not illustrated elsewhere
GEORGIA O'KEEFFE - edited by Tanya Barson - published 2016 by Tate Publishing in conjunction with exhibitions in London, Vienna and Toronto - an excellent quality book filled with an amazing selection of illustrations supplemented by all you would probably ever need to read about this amazing artist
VICTORIA CROWE by Duncan Macmillan - published by the Antique Collectors' Club Ltd in 2012 - my favourite still alive artist and her use of colour and imagination should be inspirational to any photographer
WILLIAM NEILL - PHOTOGRAPHER - A RETROSPECTIVE - published by Triplekite in 2017 - one of my favourite current photographers who has produced superb images including many taken in Yosemite that are included in this beautiful portfolio - a superb quality tribute to the photographer
DOROTHEA LANGE : POLITICS OF SEEING - published by Prestel in 2018 and tied in with exhibitions in London and Paris - having read several books about this photographer, this comes top of the list as a life in photography retrospective
AS I SEE IT by John Loengard (2005) - a retrospective of a Life photographer published by The Vendome Press - great images both work and personal with comments on each one by the photographer
NEW YORK IN COLOR 1952-1962 by Ernst Haas - published 2020 by Prestel, a superb collection of images from a period when I became aware of and interested in American culture - my favourite Ernst Haas book to date
PORTRAITS OF AMERICA by William Albert Allard - published 2001 by National Geographic - excellent collection of the photographer's images of America with his commentary on each section that complements the illustrations perfectly
ARCTIC HEROES by Ragnar Axelsson - published 2020 by Kehrer Verlag Heidelberg - superb images of Greenland themed on sled dogs, but don't skip the text